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Nader's Nest

Because Hedwig votes Green

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Nader's Nest is a two-person RPG about the love between Ralph Nader (the Green party presidential candidate) and Hedwig (the owl from Harry Potter).

Please stop staring at us like that. It makes us nervous.

Ralph Nader will be played by sparklychibi. Hedwig will be played by nurikohime. And they shall both have lots of fun doing it.

No, you don't have to pay any attention to us—but why wouldn't you? It's Ralph Nader and Hedwig!

Disclaimer: Ralph Nader belongs to himself. The opinions expressed by sparklychibi while pretending to be him are not necessarily his. Hedwig the post owl belongs to Joanne K. Rowling, and she does not in any way endorse bestiality or rabid shipping (as far as we know).

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